Vintage Zodiac Catalogs

The Zodiac Catalogs Collector’s Reference Materials are now online.


This subscription service is like visiting the reference section in the library. You can read, learn, research, and return as often as you would like to! Here you will find the following:

• Over 27 Sales Catalogs – browse and zoom in
• Service Manuals – Interactive Manuals
• Various materials that came with Zodiac watches that are downloadable.
• Large collection of vintage Zodiac ads to download.

We are constantly looking for new reference materials, purchasing them, and coding it for display!

The service manuals are good for watchmakers, we know, but also for the collector. Really! Let’s say you need a new pawl for your 70-72 movement in your Sea Wolf and your watchmaker can not find the part. You look at the 70-72 page and see that the pawl is part number 220. Then you look at the other calibers and find it is also used in the 88 movement. BAM! You jump on eBay and buy and SST with date only and instant spare part for your watch!

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